Wednesday, 18 November 2009

papier mache magazine

My little sausage girl and I have survived swine flu. It wasn't fun, but it's done and dusted..
In the meantime, she's been bringing many of her imaginary brother's and sisters for breakfast - I can't tell if it's just a way to get more food. (I'm already being outwitted by a two and a half year old!)She's keen on flying to the moon but sometimes goes too fast and bumps her head on it..
sometimes she hides behind rainbows and jumps from cloud to cloud...
sometimes her babies only have one leg, and sometimes the big bad wolf wakes her up in the morning and makes her a bit scared. But that will pass because we live in a house of bricks and he can't blow it down.
I love the new issue of papier mache magazine, the images (as shown throughout this post and of course in the magazine) are delicious and original. And look at that brooch in the top image - I can't work out where it's from, but it's adorable.

Monday, 16 November 2009

loo roll love

urban craft kindly left me a link to this paper sculpture by Anastassia Elias aka Chadou Yama (see above).

Of course I love it. Thanks urban craft for leaving a comment and for introducing me to this.