Monday, 19 October 2009

loo roll love & matsutake

in our house, we're rather partial to a bit of loo roll art..

actually, I just can't stop hoarding them, so we have something of a 'loo roll middle' mountain to work our way through..
I just stumbled upon the fab matsutake blog (see images below), which I found via bloesem kids

anyone who makes things with loo rolls is going to be popular in our house
I hope there are others out there

Sunday, 11 October 2009

wee-wee girl

this week she's mainly been running to the front door to lock it and keep the tigers out... apparently there are lots of them outside and they might scare her

she dislocated her elbow last wednesday. Ouch. Then by sunday morning we were in hospital again, this time for an inhalor.. The way we get her to take it is this; when the birds sing their lovely songs, they leave beautiful words in the sky - that's what goes into the inhalor... and rainbows and clouds.. it's still a bit hit and miss so sleep is scarce and she's less boingy than normal.

yesterday morning she got up and named herself 'wee-wee girl'.. of all the super-powers to choose!