Tuesday, 15 September 2009

leaves and handles

Today my sweet little (two and a half yr old) girl told me that her hair was made of grapes and her knees were made of yoghurt.

Recently she's taken to eating the sky, which she tells me tastes of dreams sometimes.. computers other times.

She pulled my head to her face, sniffed my hair and told me it smells of leaves and handles.


  1. Miss T is a born poet!
    obviously you have been feeding her imagination with all the right stuff!
    how does she describe the quilts!?

  2. Hello gorgeous - how are you? How lovely to hear from you - I didn't know you read this! I'm going to keep all this stuff on here from now on so as not to forget it. She just goes boingy boingy on the quilts! I owe you an email.. I promise to do it very soon (or threaten, depending on how you look at it). xxxx

  3. of course I snitch-snotch- it's listed in my favs for everyone else to see!
    I want an email- no threats!