Friday, 26 February 2010

single crochet

how very exciting
I found this via id textile blog

I love this crochet and have wanted a thousand times to be able to crochet words, but harumpfh, I never seem to find time to learn

In the meantime, the work will be available here, you can sign up to be notified when it re-opens or why not leave a message on her beautiful blog, which is here

I'm cross-posting this. I have two blogs and can't decide which one I want


  1. Oh thank you very much for these words, i'm very glad to find them coming home from a few days of holidays with my family ! :)
    A bientôt ! Séverine.

  2. these are just so amazing, take my breath away! RAMONA

  3. Like the 3rd and last ones. Such a unique and personal way to put something up instead of a regular photo. Adds a nice touch to the living room, plus when you add words to that it's even more impressive.
    John Taylor,
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